Hey Meester! Gossip Girl Gets Groovy

Leighton Meester to release album. Is that a good thing?

By Peter Gilstrap Sep 10, 2008 7:23 PMTags

As you may have already heard, Gossip Girl 's Leighton Meester has recorded her very own album. Sure, it's an easy target that plenty of other websites have already taken potshots at: Yet another pretentious Hollywood star attempts to step into the musical world with an unlistenable, misguided, ego-driven recording project. But the Soup Blog isn't jumping on that bandwagon. We say honor a rising talent who has the guts and passion to create compelling sounds for us all to enjoy.

Only kidding. While Meester may offer up a swell album of what she calls "a good mixture of hip-hop-sounding, very vibe-y music"—whatever that is—chances are it'll be neck and neck with Scarlett Johansson's recent Tom Waits bastardization homage. For a sample of Meester's generic, grating vocals and fake guitar playing, check out this clip from something called Drive Thru.