Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

Dear Ted:
Do you think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will last? Emma kinda has a past with dating costars that lasted one or two years, while Andrew was in a three-year relationship with Shannon Woodward. Could they last years, maybe even get married, or is it just a costar romance and not too serious?

Dear Sizing Up Starfield:
Em and Andy have a couple more installments of Spider-Man to get through, so we're practically guaranteed a few more years out of this adorable couple. And really, if E.Stone could withstand the temptations of cozying up offscreen with Ryan Gosling and choose her spidey BF instead, then they can survive anything.

Dear Ted:
Don't you think Miley Cyrus has become incredibly irrelevant? Selena Gomez is getting more famous than her—granted she has her relationship with Justin Bieber—but I always thought she would never be more relevant than M.C. Maybe it was all the "I'm a grown girl" acts that Miley did that turned people off? I'm glad actually, she is the worst role model, just didn't expect to be so sudden.
—Sarah J

Dear St. Cyrus vs. St. Selena:
Funny, they've kinda switched roles, with Miley being the goodie two shoes one these days and Selena getting a bit naughty with the Biebs. And while Miles is so not yesterday's news, I agree that she's losing headlines to her  Disney protégée. Whether she cares or not is the real question.

Dear Ted:
Why is it such a shocker that Angelina Jolie has no female friends? Thought it was common knowledge. I'd love to be her but hate to be her friend. She strikes me as more of an enemy than friend.

Dear Frenemy Fan:
Depends on whether you get on her good side or her bad side. If you cross her, she'll definitely be your enemy (and you can assume how bad that could be), but if she likes you, you're set.

Dear Ted:
Kristen Stewart
is overrated! In every way! She would have been a walk-on, maybe with dialogue back when real movie stars existed.

Dear Star System:
I disagree, R (obviously). K.Stew has more than held her own with some of H'wood's elite: Jodie Foster, James Gandolfini and soon to be Charlize Theron. And whaddya know, she had lines in all those parts!

Dear Ted:
What are the chances of Two and Half Men being canceled? I can't stand Ashton Kutcher, and the show makes no sense without Charlie Sheen.

Dear One and a Half Men:
Sorry, K, but the consensus it seems is that Ash is a just fine replacement for Charlie. And while some of the crew seem to agree with you that Mr. Kutcher certainly isn't as funny, I think the CBS execs prefer his divorce drama to the boatloads that Charlie came with.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Blake Lively's fame will drop soon. She isn't even a good actress and she's getting good roles that could go to someone with talent, she's a fame seeker and nothing more than the flavor of the month. She needs to go away and get a reality show—only thing she should be acting in—and leave the good roles and movies to the talented actresses!

Dear Seems Confused:
Do you want her fame to go away or for Blakey-poo to get a reality show? You know that reality shows created all sorts of fame monsters (just look at the Jersey Shore gang). But I say lighten up. Blake just isn't picking the right roles yet. Forgive her for being ambitious.

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