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Any Trekkie worth their Spock ears or Twi-hard worthy their life-size cutout of Edward Cullen has already watched the now viral video of Star Trek's George Takei sounding off on the vampire franchise.

Really, in our humble opinion, one is sci-fi and the other is supernatural fare, so there's plenty of room for both at the box office. Hey, the shirtless hunks in Twilight are probably opposed to the skin-tight jumpsuits of outer space, and you'd be hard pressed to find a vamp in orbit...right?!

But regardless of logic, a spat is a-brewin'. So being the fair, upstanding citizens of the internet that we are, Team Truth decided to do the only fair thing:

Provide arguments from both sides of fight! We scoured the comment sections to grab tidbits from both the Trekkies and Twi-hards on why exactly their franchise is the better of the two. And now it's up to you to decide who makes a better case...

Here's what people are saying.

Team Twilight: "Mr. Takei apparently has not really looked at the entire picture here. What these movies are teaching is that it is all right to wait until marriage to be intimate with another person, in other words moral values. These movies are mostly viewed by teens and they are seeing that they do not have to jump in bed with their boyfriends or girlfriends on the spot in spite of feelings for one another. Self-control plays a big part on these movies and people should not be so quick to judge and say that they are horrible."

Team Star Trek: "Star Trek and Star Wars (although, I'm not a huge fan of the latter) have a very broad appeal that has spanned generations. Even though the original S.T. and first episodes of S.W. were filmed decades ago, when technology wasn't as advanced, the stories are what really got people hooked. Twilight is just fluff, veiled with effects and teenage angst. It will be fade away pretty fast, I'm sure."
—Some Chick

Trust us, these were some of the sanest reviews we could drum up, so now it's up to you: Does the pious nature of the Twilight franchise give it the leg up, or do the years of inter-stellar stories make Star Trek the true leader?

Sound off below!

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