Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story

Ray Mickshaw / FX

Sure we dig the scares and Jessica Lange's flaw-free (and Emmy worthy) acting, but there's one reason in par-tick we are obsessed with American Horror Story: Dylan McDermott and his tush!

And for those wondering, it's all his!

The onscreen DILF tells Advocate magazine: "I knew going into it that there was nudity and that a lot of people would be watching...When I first got the role, production called me and asked, ‘Who's your body double?' I said, ‘Oh, hell no. It's going to be all me, baby.' "

So what's it like seeing his backside on the boob tube?!

"When my ass was 70 feet up in the air at the Cinerama Dome, I got a little shy," Dylan dished to the mag about watching the pilot episode at the H'wood premiere. "But people seemed to appreciate it afterward."

That we they did. And now that we're on the subject, not attending that big-screen premiere screening is one of our biggest regrets as we're sure it was for tons of gays and gals.

But thankfully Dylan seems far more willing to do the nudity than watch it later on (which, duh, is great for us viewers).

"I'm probably somewhere in the middle," Dylan said when asked how modest he is with his nudity on set during takes. "When I'm in the role, in the moment, I'm comfortable. After they yell ‘cut,' I don't need to put my balls in someone's face."

Very modest, unlike our other fave TV nudie Alexander Skarsgård who loves giving the crew a show. Here's hoping Dylan gets in on even half the sexy onscreen stuff the True Blood vamp does.

But back to Horror Story. Our fave part from the interview (which, BTW, is definitely worth a read for McDermott's opinions on all things gay) came when the magazine told Dyl that many have said his keester is not that of a 50-year old man. Dylan joked:

"Well, I was 49 when I did those scenes, so they're right."

Love it. Here's to tons more freaky AHS fun and (more importantly) more nudie biz too!

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