Morning Mail! Is Ryan Gosling Still Pining Over Rachel McAdams?

Will these two give their love a third try? And why does everyone think Taylor Swift past is so damn tragic?

By Ted Casablanca Dec 13, 2011 12:51 PMTags
Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling O'Neill/White/

Dear Ted:
Someone on a recent mail batch said that you have said that Ryan Gosling isn't totally over Rachel McAdams yet. What's the likelihood they might give it a third try? They were the ultimate sweet couple! How come they split anyway? They seem perfect for each other! Thanks!

Dear Allie + Noah 4eva:
Here's the dealio, doll: The relaysh is (sadly) long over. As in there will be no round three. Trust me, I'm as crushed as you are, ‘cause Ry and Rach were so gorgeous together. But Rachel has certainly moved on with Michael Sheen and Ryan well...he hasn't had a serious relaysh since. So, that's saying something, no?

Dear Ted:
Am I the only one who's annoyed with Taylor Swift? Really, why does everyone talk like her backstory is so tragic? She talks about how she got bullied as a kid, for having no friends, or not fitting in, but then she gushes over how she loves her many friends and family back home. And not to mention, she's gorgeous, so I doubt that she's ever had trouble with guys liking her.
—Team Taylor..........LAUTNER

Dear Queen of All Bitterness:
You're pissy over Tay because she split with Lautner? How très bizarre. But in regard to your rant, why is it bad that Taylor speaks out about bullying? If she connects with some kids who's getting bullied now, then that seems like a good thing to me. And sure she may be a glamazon now that she's got people to do her hair and makeup, that doesn't always mean things were peachy for the babe.

Dear Ted:
How is Marc Anthony handling Jennifer Lopez's new boy toy? I can't believe someone with a rumored controlling and jealous nature is OK with her flaunting him around town, especially that trip to Hawaii with her kids. With their new show to film and a public divorce on the horizon, is there a storm brewing?

Dear J to the Hell No:
I'm sure he's not totally psyched about it, but he's smart enough to know when to keep his mouth closed. And in the midst of "a public divorce" is the perfect time for him to do it.

Dear Ted:
Unlike many people out there, I actually love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan seems way more loving and devoted than Leo was toward Blakey, and Blake seems like a better fit for Reynolds than Scarlett Johansson. A lot of people think that their relationship is a publicity set-up, but I think that this time Blake's relaysh is for real. Do you think Blake could eventually become Mrs. Reynolds? I think it's going to happen...

Dear Hold Your Horses:
I too agree that they are a very hot couple (and perfect for each other at the moment), but I would slow down with the marriage talk. While Blakey-poo might be dreaming of her perfect A-lister wedding, in reality neither is looking to walk down the aisle anytime soon. Instead, they'd rather just enjoy their muy sexy alone time.

Dear Ted:
I have not read the Playboy article, but I saw a quote from Lindsay Lohan that, "I've learned that time flies faster than you think, and because you only live once you have to learn from your mistakes, live your dreams and be accountable." Could it be that she is growing up a bit? Or maybe more likely, did one of her handlers/enablers write her responses for her?

Dear Play by Play:
Or she just knows what people want to hear. Sure she may make a lot of dumb decisions, but LiLo is a pretty crafty broad.

Dear Ted:
I need Bearding 101. You talk about them all the time and it all seems fantastical. Do people really give up a good portion of their lives to act like a fake girlfriend, even get married and have fake children with them for real? It seems a little much, honestly. What do they do it for? Do they get a paycheck? Is it fame and fortune?
—Just Don't Get It

Dear Beardaholic:
All of the above, babe!