Charlie Sheen

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Turns out, Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen have more in common than we thought.

In addition to that whole sitcom thing, both have suffered by their own hands this year after forgetting the cardinal rule of social media: think before you tweet!

As it happens, Sheen neglected to do that over the weekend and once again turned himself into a cautionary celebrity tale. While attempting to send a private direct message to Justin Bieber (of all people), the once-and-future TV star accidentally tweeted out his personal phone number to each and every one of his 5.5 million followers.

Do we even need to say it? #Losing.

The gaffe happened last Thursday, when Sheen tweeted out his phone number, along with a note.

"310-954-7277 Call me, bro. C," in a message reportedly meant for the Biebs. The tweet has wisely since been removed (and his number disconnected and changed), but not before receiving 1800 text messages and countless more actual phone calls all in a matter of minutes.

Sheen's rep confirms that Sheen was eating dinner at Guy Savoy restaurant in Las Vegas when he sent out the message, but that the actor took the oops in stride, answering some of the phone calls either "Ray's Pizza," or, of course, "Winning."

However, enough was enough and Sheen has since set himself up with a brand-new set of private digits. Let's see how long they stay that way.

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