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Christmas is a real pain in the rear for Kate Gosselin.

No, it has nothing to do with Jon, but...

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It has everything to do with all the presents she buys for their eight kids.

"Following our mass gift opening, I know that once again this year I'll sit on the floor for 4+ hours unpacking toys and installing batteries," Kate writes in her latest blog post at CouponCabin.com "I am not exaggerating! My 'hiney' is sore by the time the last toy has been freed from its packaging prison."

And it's all that packaging and other holiday-related trash that has Gosselin feeling for their local sanitation workers. So much so that she says she leaves containers of cookies by her garbage cans "for our ever kind and helpful trash men."

But cleaning up also happens to be what Gosselin loves most on Christmas.

"[T]he kids run off playing happily with all their new stuff and I clean up alone in peace and quiet," she writes. "This is probably my favorite part of the day. Not because of the peace and quiet, but because I have the most grateful kids in the world! They return often while I'm sweeping the floor to thank me again and truly the 'thank you's don't end until bedtime."

Gosselin also tweeted a pic of their tree, which they decorated this weekend. "The boxes of neatly packaged Christmas decorations have been sitting in my dining room for two weeks," she wrotes.

"We got our tree on Thanksgiving weekend and that usually starts the momentum but this year with homework, the marathon and custody weekends to dodge, our winter wonderland was a bit delayed."

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