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2 Broke Girls is one of this fall's breakout comedies and although we'd like to give all of the credit to Oleg (Jonathan Kite), the fry cook with the world's best one-liners, we know that it's the strong yet sassy lady duo that makes the show a hit.

We were recently on the set to chat with real-life BFFs Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings about why fans are "in for a treat" when a guest star joins this small but hilarious cast. Plus, we found out which '90s boy band the girls are trying to reunite on set...

Wanna know what we're loving most about this show? The kinda, sorta, maybe relationship that the writers keep dangling in front of our faces like a cupcake on a string. We're still hoping that Max and Johnny (Nick Zano) will find a way to work things out and become the cutest, most snarky couple on CBS, but Dennings tells us: "They keep it very hush-hush."  

Behrs explains, "We don't know until we get the scripts for the table read. We love Nick, who plays Johnny, so we're hoping that he comes back because he's hilarious and so cute." Oh my, the word "cute" is definitely an understatement. A hunky yet intelligent dreamboat with hipster glasses is probably the best way to describe Zano's character. Sigh.

And although we're not sure if any new love interests are coming to Williamsburg, we do know one thing for sure: a very cool guest star is on the way! "Jennifer Coolidge is coming on the show, and it's going to be amazing!" Behrs gushes. "Kat and I cannot keep it together because she is so hilarious with everything she says."

We were hoping that Coolidge was going to be playing mommy dearest to Caroline, but instead she has been cast as a work-obsessed woman who moves into the girls' apartment building. If there are any scenes with the Legally Blonde alum and Chestnut, then our lives will forever be perfect.

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And it appears that Dennings was equally excited about the new casting. "We geeked out when we heard that she was coming on the show. It was like we were at a Hanson concert. It was a huge deal for us."

When we called her out on the random band reference, Dennings proudly revealed to us, "I love Hanson. I think they're amazing and they're my friends on Twitter now. They're really nice guys." Maybe they'll be really really nice and have a reunion on 2 Broke Girls. Just imagining Han trying to sing "Mmm Bop" in his broken English and dancing around the diner warms our hearts.

Tune in tonight for the all-new midseason finale of 2 Broke Girls at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

Are you hoping that Max and Johnny will work it out? Excited for Jennifer Coolidge's guest spot? Not ashamed to admit that a Hanson CD is still in your car? Tell us in the comments, you know you want to!

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