There's way more to Katy Perry than just a super-tight Elmo shirt.

The "California Gurls" crooner brought her talents to Saturday Night Live again, this time trading in her guest-starring duties to become a certified host, spoofing the likes of Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch and Pippa Middleton along the way.

And she even made a few cracks about herself.

Wearing a "Christmas Tree" looking sweater, Perry kicked off the show with a bang, singing "Teenage Dream" with Kristen Wiig, who sported a blue wig and pointy bra top for the occasion. 

And then it was time for the show.

In the "J-Pop Talk Show" skit, Perry appeared on the college TV show, J-POP America Fun Time Now, as the royal empress of MSU Hello Kitty appreciation. And just like the show's hosts, the empress was a little over the top when it came to her fascination with the Japanese pop culture.

But, while Perry went on to play herself on "Finnish Talk Show" and Florence Welch in "Doggie Duty,"  the singer really shined in "Pippa Visits the Queen," "Best Friends" and a spoof on the flick New Year's Eve

In the New Year's Eve parody, "Apocalypse", the cast brought out their arsenal of celebrity impersonations, with Perry throwing on a blonde curly wig to play Aguilera, singing some rifts like the star while she was at it (to Kenan Thompson‘s Al Roker). Wiig was particularly spot on as Drew Barrymore and Kim Cattrall in the skit, as was Jason Sudeikis as Philip Seymour Hoffman.

But, that wasn't all. 

In "Pippa Visits the Queen," Fred Armisen and Bill Hader reprised their roles as the Queen and Prince Philip to scold Kate Middleton for not "popping out a baby." Meanwhile, Perry played a demure-turned-fiesty Pippa Middleton who has a battle of the butts with the Queen, after the Queen unleashes some seriously raunchy behavior.

"Geezers line up to look at my a--!," Perry says in the skit.

In the musical digital short, "Best Friends," Perry and Andy Samberg play best friends who ask a "handsome drug addict," who just happens to be Matt Damon, to be their best friend. And then they run into a "brilliant lunatic," who happens to be Val Kilmer (and barges his way into the best friend mix as well).

And the show wouldn't have complete without a cameo from Alec Baldwin, who was recently kicked off an American Airlines flight after he refused to stop playing Words With Friends on his phone while the plane was on the jetway.

Baldwin wasn't playing himself, however. Instead, he took on the role of the plane's captain, Steve Rogers, who showed up on "Weekend Update" to issue an apology to the 30 Rock star for the snafu.

"Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure and I am ashamed at the way he was treated," Baldwin said. "I mean what harm would it do to let him keep playing his game. Not any game mind you, but a word game for smart people."

"But didn't Alec Baldwin getting kicked off the plane delay takeoff?," Seth Meyers, the show's host, asked.

"It did," Captain Baldwin answered. "And it was the first time in the history of American Airlines that one of our flights was delayed. Come on Seth! We're bankrupt. How dare we speak of the great Alec Baldwin and we can't even take off on time."

And not to be forgotten, Robyn, Perry's opening act on her tour, hit the stage to perform "Call Your Girlfriend."

So, tell us, how do you think Perry fared on the show?

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