Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron

Rankin/Universal Studios

Rumor has it studio execs are thinking of changing the name of Snow White and the Huntsman to The Charlize Theron Show.

We're totally kidding, but they might as well. 'Cause two trailers have now surfaced on the net for the upcoming fairytale flick and we've still yet to hear Snow White herself, Kristen Stewart, utter a single word.

So what's the deal?!

We reached out to Universal asking them to explain their trailer cut (or better yet, their cutting of K.Stew) and didn't hear back.

But let's back up a moment:

See, when the first trailer for SWATH hit the net, we were thrilled. The movie looks amazing, really, and so much better than we thought it was going to be from reading the script. And Charlize as the bey-otchy evil queen really does shine.

(Which, BTW, we adore Charlize, so that is so not the point of this bitchin'.)

But since we have read the script, we know that Kristen actually does have, ya know, like tons of lines in the movie! We just chalked it up to centering the first trailer around Snow's oh-so-wicked nemesis (Mirror Mirror had the same strategy, after all).

After viewing the Spanish language trailer though (here, for those of you who habla Español or just wanna check out the pretty footage), we couldn't help but be a wee bit confused. Again, Charlize gets some speaking time, hunky Chris Hemsworth gets a line or two...and that's about it.

So we wanna know what you think: Are the studios just trying to keep the Kristen Stewart goodness for the big screen reveal? Or is something more series at play, like (gasp!) someone thinks K.Stew's acting chops aren't up to Charlize-level snuff.

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