Law and Order SVU cast

Art Streiber/NBC

No, fans aren't reigniting the fury that came with the news about Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni leaving the show, even if it is still a hard pill to swallow.

Production on Law & Order: SVU was shut down after about 100 Occupy Wall Street protestors stormed the set during shooting of an OWS-inspired episode.


According to the New York Daily Mail, protestors didn't want the the hit drama television show to "exploit" them and arrived at Foley Square around midnight to check out the setup.

"This is not us," 24-year-old Drew Hornbein told the N.Y. Daily Mail. "We are not part of corporate TV America. It's hysterical. Two weeks ago they kicked us out of Zuccotti Park. Now they have this set trying to pretend it's us. It's odd."

After midnight, authorities announced that the film permit had been rescinded by the city, which made the crowd cheer in joy and the crew take down the set.

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