Lundon's Bridge, Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson would be so proud.

Here we thought that Paris Jackson getting verified on Twitter was the big news these days, when it turns out the 13-year-old has landed herself a starring role in a movie!

And what sort of film has the pop icon progeny attached herself to?

C-IT Entertainment is working on getting Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys—based on a young adult fantasy novel of the same name—off the ground, starring Paris as heroine Lundon O'Malley.

The book is the first in a five-part series by Dennis Christen about a young girl who is kidnapped from her rightful place on land by the evil Jellyfish Queen of the Ocean and then becomes the key to stopping once and for all the ongoing battle between creatures of the land and the sea.

Paris would be the human entity in what will otherwise be an animated film, featuring, according to the title's website, the vocal talents of Joey Fatone, Larry King and Larry's wife, Shawn, among others.

The pre-pre-production materials bill the film as "a timeless family adventure" and state that 50 percent of the profits from the ultimate finished product will be donated to schools.

"I Wanna Leave My Footprints On The Sands Of Time. When I Leave This World I'll Leave No Regrets. I'll Leave Something For Them Not To Forget," Paris tweeted yesterday.

What do you think? Was it inevitable that Paris would go into showbiz, or would it be a better idea for her to lie low, at least until she's older?

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