Zac Efron

Warner Bros.

Think about it: Zac Efron as an army dude. Kinda sounds like really, really hot, right?!

And it is. For like the 1.5 seconds that it's featured in the trailer (and we don't see it taking up too much screen time when the flick hits theaters). But hotness aside, we couldn't help but notice how Nicholas Sparks-tastic this flick looks...and we don't necessarily mean that in a good way.

So let's square of the hot and heavy versus the sickly sweet, shall we?

Let's get the negatives out of the way first, shall we?

How friggin' weepy does this movie look!

Unlike Zac's last flick, Charlie St. Cloud, which just seemed like a big-old Sparks ripoff, this one is actually based on one of the author's actual books. So that lovey-dovey biz, tons of longing stares and oozing melodrama is par for the course.

Which isn't exactly our cup of tea. But maybe you feel differently? What we do dig tho...

Is how sexy Zac looks in the movie!

We though he looked great in Zac Efron's Arm Muscles...uh, we mean Charlie St. Cloud, but the former Disney dude has definitely buffed up since then. And that sex scene?!

We were definitely left fanning ourselves when his onscreen love interest got to cop a feel on his tush (maybe that steamy chemistry is what sparked those rumors of onset canoodling).

But what say you: Is this a flick you're hot to see, or does the drama of it all just leave you feeling cold?

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