Rainey Qualley

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Meet Rainey Qualley.

The stunning 21-year-old was named Miss Golden Globe 2012 last night by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at their A Night of Firsts party. Every year, the HFPA picks the child of a celebrity to hand out it's statuettes at the big awards ceremony.

So who is Qualley's famous mama? Here are five things you should know about Rainey...

1. She's Beautiful Just Like Her Parents: Rainey's mother is Andie MacDowell and dad is MacDowell's first husband, former model Paul Qualley. They also have a son, Justin, and another daughter, Sarah Margaret, together.

2. She's an Aspiring Actress: Rainey stars alongside her mom and Chazz Palminteri in the upcoming comedy Mighty Fine. "She's full of advice," Rainey told us about Andie at last night's Golden Globes announcement at Cecconi's in West Hollywood. "She's very supportive of anything I'm passionate about, but she also reminds me pretty regularly that there are other options if I get discouraged. But I'm not going to."

3. She's Also a Musician: Acting isn't her only threat. "Right now I'm writing music and singing at some local venues in New Orleans [where I live]," Rainey said.

4. She's Taken: Rainey is dating her Mighty Fine costar Richard Kohnke. "He played my boyfriend in the movie and now he's my real-life boyfriend," she told us. "So that's fun."

5. She's Nervous About Her Big Golden Globes Gig: "I'm pretty nervous about tripping because that happens on a pretty regular basis for me," Rainey laughed. "I'll try to be graceful."

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