America's Next Top Model

Walter Sassard/The CW

Last night was probably the most entertaining episode of this season's America's Next Top Model.

After Nigel Barkerannounced at the finale that Angelea Preston was disqualified from the competition, without any word as to what the girl from the 716 did to get booted, fans started sounding off about it possibly being due to the All-Star leaking the results on her Facebook page.

Well, until we find out for sure, let's reminisce about some other reality-TV characters who got themselves taken off the small screen...

Project Runway, Keith Michael

1. Keith Michael (Project Runway, Season Two): Put that book down! During the episode "Reap What You Sew," fellow designer Kayne Gillaspie found a pattern-making books in Keith's room. Might sound harmless, but according to Tim Gunn, contracts with the show state that pattern-making books, fashion how-to books, fashion magazines or other such materials are not allowed anywhere on the production. And from there, it was a quick snip to Michael's time on the show.

Cliff Crooks, Top Chef

2. Cliff Crooks (Top Chef, Season Two): Drunken shenanigans will always get you in trouble. After having some post-challenge drinks, Elia Aboumrad and Ilan Hall shaved their heads. Then they, Crooks and Sam Talbot decided it would be funny to forcibly try to shave fellow contestant Marcel Vigneron's head. Marcel, who was asleep at the time, woke up and ended up wrestling with Crooks, who pinned him to the ground. Marcel then spent the rest of the night hiding out in the bathroom. Since contestants aren't aloud to touch one another in an aggressive manner (and apparently Cliff's dish was the weakest anyway, according to judges), the Jersey boy was out.

The Bachelor, Rozyln Papa


3. Rozlyn Papa (The Bachelor, Season 14): Maybe she just wanted some attention. While Jake Pavelka was tied up with the line of women vying for his affection, news broke that one of those competing for his love, Papa, was getting cozy with a crew member from the show. Host Chris Harrison explained it best during a radio interview, when he said, "Horrible decisions were made. This is something that we took very serious, and it's something that we couldn't just sit by...because of things in the past. This was embarrassing for us, for Jake, and for the other women, so we were like, let's nip this in the bud, take care of it, and that's what we did." And although Roz insisted it wasn't a "sexual relationship," her rose was long gone.

Justin Sebik, Big Brother 2

4. Justin Sebik (Big Brother 2): Probably not the best way to get your roomies to like you. During the second week in the Big Brother house, an intoxicated Sebik grabbed a knife and held it to fellow house guest Krista's throat and asked, "Would you get mad if I killed you?" Um, WTF?! Do we really have to explain why that would get him disqualified? Didn't think so.

David Edwards, Real World


5. David Edward (The Real World: Los Angeles): Evicted. Disqualified. Same difference. Edward's roomies decided to kick him out of the Real World house after he dragged housemate Tami Roman (yes, the same Tami from Basketball Wives: Miami) across the floor in a bed sheet. She felt he did it with the intention of trying to see her naked. In the end, all he saw was the door.

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