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Well, that would be one way to expand the brand.

The Los Angeles Lakers attempted to trade Khloé Kardashian Odom's hubby Lamar to the New Orleans Hornets in a three-team deal—but it ended up being blocked by the NBA less than two hours after outlets like ESPN went wide with reports that the trade was pretty much a sure thing.

Basically, sports radio shows started the 5 p.m. hour doing nothing but discussing the trade, and then finished the hour saying, "Well, so much for that!"

And so much for a merry Christmas in L.A., for that matter!

There had been rumors that the Lakers were trying to acquire Hornets star Chris Paul before the abbreviated NBA season begins on Dec. 25, and the proposed Odom deal would have also included the Lakers shipping All-Star center Pau Gasol off to Houston, which in turn would send two players to New Orleans.

"It is not true that owners killed the deal," said NBA spokesman Tim Frank. "It wasn't even discussed at the Board [of Governors] meeting. The league office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons."

While the Lakers are scheduled to play the Chicago Bulls on opening day, the Hornets don't open their season until the following day on the road against the Phoenix Suns. Their home opener is Dec. 28 against the Boston Celtics.

An emotional Odom called in to ESPN Radio in L.A. when it seemed as if the trade was really happening.

"Nothing happened yet," he said on the Stephen A. Smith Show, noting that officials hadn't formally announced the deal yet. "I would think I would get a call, at least. I don't know."

"L.A. is home for me for more than one reason," Odom added. "If it does happen, you know what I'm saying, I had a great time. I got to play in front of [rabid Lakers fan Jack Nicholson], meet Denzel. I found my wife in L.A., my family. The team, I had a lot of pride playing for them."

"When a team trades u and it doesn't go down? Now what?" he tweeted tonight.

Khloé wrote moments later: "I love you Lamar!!!!! There's NO one like you! I'm so proud to be your wife :)"

Per league records, Odom is contracted to make $8.9 million this season and is partly guaranteed $8.2 million next season.

Stay tuned, sports fans.

(Originally published Dec. 8, 2011, at 5:47 p.m. PT)

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