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Dear Ted:
What's this rumor about a Glee revolt? I read that Amber Riley was upset at references to her weight in scripts, Lea Michele with the usual diva stories and Dianna Agron being scolded for giving suggestions on her character that were not well-received. That's hard to believe since this season these actresses have been given some great dramatic stories and it might be their last. So what's the real scoop? Is there mutiny or just a baseless lie to sell magazines? And if you care to add, what's the status of these Glee gals? Will these three be staying or leaving after graduation?

Dear Glee Gone Wild?:
Look, M, there are always rumors surrounding the Glee set, and this one is just too juicy to be true. A revolt, really? Lea, Amber and Dianna know better than to band against Ryan Murphy—the show has a huge fan following and they certainly don't want to jeopardize their stardom. As for their status after graduation? We've heard tons o' rumors on that end as well, but we're guessing (and we're told) R.M. has something up his sleeve. Whether that's on Glee or an entirely new series, we'll have to wait and see.

Dear Ted:
Is Naya Rivera dating a Glee writer? Is that why we don't have a Brittana kiss or a coming out story line? It was so one and done. He didn't want his girlfriend to act like a lesbian too much? Brittana fans are livid from his tweets. Please set the record straight!

Dear Kissin' Conspiracy:
Here's the deal, S, if Naya's dating the dude in question, I don't think it affects the storyline and it certainly doesn't explain why there's a lack of lovin' between the two gals. Isn't it a straight dude's dream to see his chick get cozy with another gal? And for the record, no one has confirmed a Naya-Matthew romance, yet, so hold off on your theories and hope for more Brittana action!

Dear Ted:
You're the only person I can turn to for believable info and to put my mind at peace. I just read a piece of gossip that Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan have called things off. Is this true? I'm so sad if it's true because I love Dianna and she seemed happy with him. Please do let us know.

Dear Di-ng Relaysh:
While it has neither been confirmed nor denied by Ms. Agron herself, the two certainly haven't been spotted together, and we wouldn't be surprised if the rumor turns out to be true. So, doll, whom do you think Dianna should date next? Could ex Alex Pettyfer have learned enough humility for the job, you think?

Dear Ted:
So, you wrote an article "Is Robsten Really Breaking Up" and you say you're going to put all the facts on the line. But then you only list reasons why they could/would break up. You've been headstrong from the beginning about them being together for themselves, not as a PR stunt. And now, when the saga is almost over, you start talking about them breaking up! Only the delusional people think they aren't really together! The sane amongst us realize that if they were in it for PR, they would actually get caught a lot more than they do! Please stop writing for ratings and tell us the truth. You say they aren't going to break up, but then you write articles saying the reasons they should.
Robsten Believer Since 2008

Dear Calm Down:
First off, I never said—or wrote anything—that said Robsten is breaking up, just the opposite, actually. I said we still wholeheartedly believe these two have what it takes to go the distance. I simply suggested Robsten lovers should prepare themselves if something were to happen—one day. There's no denying the odds are against these two, but they have proven their commitment to each other before, and we think they can do it again. Just don't be shocked if something does happen, for the reasons we've already told you.

Dear Ted:
I am loving all the sexy football talk lately! Tim Tebow is hot, and your update on Pepper Harthman was smokin', too. I'm dying for more juicy bits! Since Pepper got away with some major naughty behavior, how has his career been going? I imagine the relief of not being revealed lets you focus on your play.

Dear Lots o' Balls:
If you mean "play" in every sense of the word, then yes. 

Dear Ted:
So people who love Twilight are "Twi-hards." Are people who love The Hunger Games are "Gamers"? And what's the moniker for those of us into both?

Dear Mega-fan Monikers:
Here's a cheat sheet to get you up to speed: Twilight fans are Twi-hards, Hunger Games fans are JabberJays and those of you who love them both: just plain fabulous.

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