Will Ferell is going Old School all right.

The funnyman, who played Frank the Tank in the 2003 comedy, is such a fan of Old Milwaukee beer that he's now starring—for free mind you—in a series of commercials for the classic American lager that have since gone viral.

So how'd they turn out?

Per beer blog Kegworks.com, an enthusiastic Ferrell pitched the Pabst Brewing Company the idea of appearing in the spots without being paid on the condition it airs locally.

In the ad above, the comic actor is getting all folksie on us (though not quite as folksie as his Dubya impersonation), lampooning his status as a Hollywood celebrity while fishing in the Ole Miss and drinking a can of his favorite brew.

A second spot finds Ferrell doing a little "hand fishing" in the Mississippi River near Davenport, Iowa when instead of catfish he ends up snagging "this little piece of America," a cool can of Old Milwaukee.

And last but not least, a frenetic Ferrell explains how Davenport's an "Old Milwaukee kind of town" by way of an acronym ("'D' stands for drinkability; 'A' is for "Amber," the color of the beer," etc.) that assures viewers the taste is indeed as good as its name.

Perhaps Will, a remake of Strange Brew's in order?

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