Guess the Tattoo

Not everyone call pull off a dragon tattoo quite like Rooney Mara in her highly anticipated film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Who wants to go get matching tats this weekend?!

While the ink is still fresh on the subject, we think it is very fitting to take a looksie at some of our favorite female celebs with noteworthy body art. This wouldn't be nearly as fun without a little guessing game, right?

So which sassy singer sends her regards to Broadway with a sentimental message on her wrist? And who is ready to throw down for a fight with Rooney over who started the dragon tattoo trend? Our round-up wouldn't be complete with a quote from Shakespeare.

Still can't figure it out? That's OK, we won't judge. Just click into the photo gallery below to get the answers, and check out more girls with tattoos.

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