Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer

USA,, Jennifer Buhl/Gaz Shirley/

Ask Matt Bomer what keepsake he took home from the set of the Magic Mike stripper movie, and he flashes that big white smile of his.

"Do you want the PG version?" he cracks.

I say, "No," but...

Bomer keeps it clean—darn it!

"Matthew McConaughey gave me a really cool t-shirt that says, 'Just Keep Livin'' on it that I kinda love," the White Collar studster told me at the Trevor Live! benefit for the The Trevor Project. "And my character has this really cool necklace they let me keep."

Bomer also spilled about some of his stripper routines in the flick. "I'm a Ken doll who comes to life and I am a doctor and then we have some group numbers together," he said. "And I'm at the very beginning of Alex Pettyfer's dirty cowboy routine."

Cannot wait!

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