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We've been asking the same question over and over again in our American Horror Story reduxes: Did Violet succeed in her suicide attempt and become a ghost of the house?

Tonight, we got our answer. And, we were provided with even more backstory involving Larry, Constance and Tate. Plus, Ben goes head to head with Rubber Man wearing nothing but a towel. Best fight scene ever


Violet Is Indeed a Ghost: Turns out, Violet (Taissa Farmiga) did die when she committed suicide in episode six. By this episode, it was becoming fairly obvious that she didn't survive, but what was more interesting was how the big reveal affected Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet's relationship. Because when he offered her the choice to spend eternity with him, she ran the other way. Literally. Of course, Tate never wanted her to die in the first place (he tried to get her to throw up the pills, remember?), and he was only trying to protect her from finding out the truth. But since she didn't want to "commit suicide" to be with Tate voluntarily, he had no choice but to take Violet to her body.

Speaking of, when Violet ran out of the house, we almost thought she was alive and we were wrong all this time. She got all the way to the gate! Then she found herself back in the house in a blink of an eye. Yes! We were right. That makes us feel so warm when we figure stuff out on AHS.  But Violet's decaying body brought back images from The Ring (yikes), so this reveal was both emotional and gross. In the end, Violet has semi-accepted her fate, and now she and Tate will definitely be together forever. Unless, of course, someone finds a way to free all the ghosts in the house. That could definitely happen.

Constance Has Pissed Off Larry for the Last Time: In the beginning of the episode, we flashed back to an awkward family dinner with Larry (Denis O'Hare), Constance (Jessica Lange), Tate and Addie (welcome back for a hot minute!). Turns out, Tate was supremely pissed that his dad "left" and Larry swooped in as stepfather, so the next day he loaded up his guns. Based on his outfit, this would be the day of the school shooting, but before that, he stopped at Larry's office to, you know, light him on fire. And that is how he got those burns.

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In present day, Constance still wants nothing to do with Larry. But she has bigger problems to deal with: all the missing people (Moira, her husband, her son Beau, etc.) surrounding her. Detectives were heavily suspicious of our Constance, and for a while, it looked like she might go down for all her murders. Until Larry turned himself in for Travis' (Michael Graziadei) murder…one he didn't even commit! But before that, he promised the ghost of his dead wife that Constance would "rot in prison" for everything she's done. Back in the jail, Larry and Constance had one last conversation before he was hauled away, and he gave her one last chance to admit she loved him. Shockingly, Constance did not express such sentiments, and now Larry is pissed. We think that when he was "removing evidence" from Travis' murder, he was planning on planting it in Constance's house for cops to find later.

Rubber Man Will Kick Your Ass: Ben (Dylan McDermott) successfully unmasked Rubber Man after a brutal fight, but Tate had drugged him until he passed out, so we don't know how Ben exactly is taking the news. Probably not well. S--t is certainly about to hit the fan. Plus, someone else has disappeared in the house (the unfortunate exterminator), so will the missing person's detective come back again to investigate Ben? But on the upside, Ben finally believes his wife (Connie Britton) was raped and not cheating on him, so he's working to get her out of the mental institution so she can come back home. Of course when she comes home, she'll have to deal with her daughter being dead, her dead daughter's ghost boyfriend fathering her demon baby and a house full of ghosts that won't stop popping up. Actually, Viv, maybe you want to stay in the hospital?


  • When did Constance find out the house's powers? Was it when she murdered Moira and her husband?
  • Will Ben remember unmasking Tate?
  • How is Larry planning on taking down Constance?
  • Will the police ever figure out what's going on in that house?
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Beauty in the End: Everyone is keeping real mum on the final episodes of AHS, but we did get this info about the final casting of the season: a nice Jewish beautician. Any ideas about the importance of that role? We can't wait until clips start rolling in, and you better believe we'll share them all with you guys.

Birthing Defects: From what little we have heard about the last two episodes of AHS ("Birth" and "After Birth"), it sounds like we'll find out pretty definitively if the Harmon's will be involved with season two. Of course, knowing Ryan Murphy and Co., they'll give us answers to all our burning questions this season, and then we'll be left with five more. Then we have to spend months and months speculating and wondering and…jeez, we're already exhausted.

Zachary Quinto Is a Coy Devil: We practically pounced on him at the Trevor Live event this past weekend to ask for AHS scoop, but he wasn't giving us anything. He only smiled at us and promised that we'd "really like" his final episode. Well, duh. We knew that. When we asked if he would be on next season, he offered this bit of advice: "Talk to Ryan Murphy!" Excuse us while we drive to Murphy's house so we can beg him for more Quinto.

So Violet is dead, Ben knows Rubber Man's identity, and the birth is right around the corner. Want to talk about all of this? Head on down to the comments!

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