Tim Tebow

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Dear Ted:
My new obsession now is the hot-bodied Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow. You have any news on the world's most famous virgin? Which female celeb would you pair him with?

Dear Cherry Popper:
That's a really good question but whoever our celeb match-up is, needs to be good and wholesome, that's for sure. We can't fix him up with anyone who's been around the block and who doesn't go to church, like twice a week. Oh, and they also have to be a virgin and willing to wait for marriage and be extremely hot. So if you know any celebs who fit this description let me know, but right now I can't think of one. Oh, hi Taylor Swift

Dear Ted:
Whenever a celebrity's photo gets "leaked," for example, Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover, or a musician's precious, secretive upcoming single gets "leaked"...is this strategic trickery on the part of the actual celebrities themselves and/or their PR people? I feel like they do it just to gain the attention and milk the situation for all it's worth. Or maybe "people" really are leaking these things? Am I on to something?

Dear Money Rules:
You are totally onto something, but it only applies to some situations. Do I think that maybe the LiLo cover getting leaked was to start hyping up the pics, yup. But musicians are usually pretty protective of their music until it actually is released and when so hacker gets the album I think they are totally bummed and rightfully so. It hurts them, but will probably help people like Lindsay, who needs it. 

Dear Ted:
OK, so I gather you all here at AT adore Darren Criss? Why so little info on his love life? Namely the not so secret New York girlfriend? What's the deal with them?

Dear But Of Course:
He's a young hottie who can belt out a tune like no other, so what's not to love. His rumored girlfriend Mia Swier is who I assume you are referring to and with all this talk of him going Broadway, he just might make this NYC love/fling/rumor situation official.

Dear Ted:
Are you for real? Just tell us already what you heard? If you heard they are having problems or have broke up already just say it, but stop playing with the fans we are not stupid. We know you had this brake up poll article on purpose because you know something. So just tell us so we can move on.

Dear Anger Management:
Talking Robsten I take it? Don't get so worked up doll, it was a simple question, I was just throwing it out there so we could all discuss. Look, you don't think that if I knew about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart breaking up I would tell you? Duh. Are you crazy? What kind of columnist do you think I am? Don't you think after all this Robsten and Breaking Dawn coverage I would want that exclusive? The point is, however, just to be prepared.

Dear Ted:
Why has nothing been talked about regarding Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall's divorce? Any scoop on what exactly happened? Every time I watch Dexter I wonder...

Dear Life on the D-List:
I think they are handling their divorce in a bit of a more sophisticated way than others in Hollywood do. They don't want a bunch of tabloid crap written about them, that's why you don't hear anything. I'm sure you are not completely shocked.

Dear Ted:
OK, most contrived Glee episode ever (I swore I was watching Sister Act 2 for a while). The TroubleTones were the best thing that happened to the show this season, and New Directions gets to do a six-minute set? Ugh, it would have been better if the TTs would have won but Shelby had to leave and the rest of the crew figure out how to come back together. Soooo disappointed...again.

Dear Glee Bitcher:
I've been getting a lot of comments on how people are growing more and more disappointed with this show. No real specific instances within the storyline, more just bitching about Lea Michele or Dianna Agron not being on enough. Still, I love the show, don't you?

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