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Inside is hitting the big screen!

Though Dan's (Penn Badgley) cinematic dreams for his debut novel about the Upper East Side were crushed earlier this season on Gossip Girl, it seems like the writers have changed their minds faster than Serena (Blake Lively) changes boyfriends. The CW show is currently looking to hire look-alikes for many if its stars, including Ed Westwick and, wait for it, Taylor Momsen! Yes, a knockoff Little J will soon be on your TV screens, which is better than no Little J at all, right?

Naturally, the time has come to have a bit of fun and dream cast Inside ourselves...

While our Gossip Girl source isn't 100 percent sure that a book-to-film adaptation of Inside is happening, they tell us it's "probably right."

And judging by the casting calls, which includes look-alikes for Westwick, Momsen, Chace Crawford, Connor Paolo (miss you, Eric! Hope you're having fun in the Hamptons!) and Zuzanna Szadkowski, it seems like we'll be getting plenty of reenactments of scenes from the satirical novel. Wheeee!

We have a few actors in mind that we'd love to see guest star on Gossip Girl as one of our beloved characters, including Brothers & Sisters' Dave Annable as Dan, Leighton Meester's good friend Minka Kelly as Blair, Brittany Snow (who portrayed young Lily in the show's '80s flashback episode) as Serena, and we'd just throw some eyeliner and extensions on American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga and she's good to go as Jenny Humphrey. Maybe we're just AHS-obsessed, but why not have Evan Peters come on as Jenny's BFF Eric? Our dream actor for Nate? Paging Zac Efron, you're needed on our TV screens ASAP.

As for Chuck, we're having a pretty hard time thinking of an actor who can supply the trademark Bass swagger, so we'll leave that one to all you Chuck fans!

Now, it's your turn! Head to the comments and tell us which actors you'd dream cast for Inside!

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