Trust us, we don't like writing these types of articles. Especially when it has to do with One Tree Hill going off the air. We're still not ready to admit this is the end, OK?!

But as you can tell from this OTH promo, a "favorite" will not survive the ninth and final season. Only thing left to do until the premiere (Jan. 11) is speculate on who's biting the big one…

We've rounded up 10 likely suspects who could get killed off, eliminating Haley because as shown in the promo, she's there to identify the body. We've also chosen not to include the kids because, c'mon, even Mark Schwahn isn't that evil.

You might be wondering if we at WWK know who's dying on One Tree Hill, and we can confidently say we…have an idea and/or inkling that we know who it is. Mum's the word until closer to the series finale, but feel free to vote in our death poll and speculate in the comments!

One Tree Hill Death Poll
Who's dying in the final season of OTH?

Did we leave off your pick for OTH's killed-off character? You know where to put your vote.

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