Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Show Off Serious PDA on Getaway

Former costars cozy up together on a recent trip to Utah

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Dec 07, 2011 8:40 PMTags
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Josh Lauren/

Looks like this couple's gettin' livelier than ever. 

The über hot duo of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took to a Utah bed and breakfast for a romantic Thanksgiving getaway, and paps were quick to spot this PDA-happy couple on their perfect vacay.

But while we have our suspicions, it appears this duo has taken their fling to a whole 'nother level. 

Dare we say, it's time for a moniker. Lyan, anyone? Bleynolds? RyLively?

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Of course, we're not suggesting this relaysh is all for show. After all, the two are so hot together it must be impossible to keep their hands off each other. 

Then again, the timing does seem parfait for the twosome to pair up—this is Ry's first high profile relaysh since his marriage to ScarJo and Blake recently ended a super-hot fling with Leonardo DiCaprio

Plus, anyone remember Green Lantern? Yeah, we thought so. But we bet you remember those romantic looking photos of Blake and Ryan from the premiere.

Besides, what better way to show they're so over the past than to snap a few photos and cuddle over a nice, turkey dinner? Seems harmless, no?

For now, this couple appears totally content in their puppy love phase, but we're a bit skeptical it will last. 

So, is this couple too good to be true? Or simply some serious A-list eye candy?

Either way, we're on the prowl for Lyan's next move. 

And trust, we're guessing it will be as public as the rest.