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Reality TV can lead to many a grim thing: divorce, rehab, more reality series.

Not so for mama Tori Spelling, who's been basking in the reality boob tube limelight with hubby Dean McDermott for many seasons of the Oxygen channel peak into their private lives.

So we had to ask Tori whether she thinks the reality cameras are easier for her to deal with, since she grew up in the spotlight:

"Yes definitely," Tori told us at this weekend's first annual Santa's Secret Workshop in West Hollywood. "In reality TV I feel like I'm in control, rather than having pictures taken as we leave the house and the media making up stories."

Or topless pics of you that accidentally end up on Twitter. Right, Tor? But otherwise we totally understand where you're coming from.

Tori continues, "But [the paparazzi] still do, and I've grown up in front of the camera so I know how to deal with all of this. The show has been a blessing, though, and I think it shows how relatable we are and allows us to be together as a family."

Too cute! In a totally Hollywood way.

And the cuteness was out in full force as Tori was on mama duty at the Santa's Workshop event, a day where celebs got together to give back to the L.A. Family Housing while also getting some fun time in decorating cookies, visiting Santa, and getting their faces painted.

But even though she may fare better in front of the cameras (and, let's be honest, off screen) than, say, the Real Housewives ladies, Tori still hearts them too:

"Yes! I got hooked in the first season," Ms. Spelling gushed when we asked her about her reality peers. "It's one of my favorite reality shows. I know a lot of them personally actually and they're lovely people."

Oh, and as for whether she'll have some crazy holiday plans to film for the show? Don't count on it.

"I mean, with a 7-week-old, we're going to hang together," Tori informed us, regarding her holiday season. "Probably a lot of cooking and baking and crafting."

Whatever, we just hope baby Hattie get dressed up in another adorable outfit. We're thinking a reindeer, but we're open to suggestions...

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