Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

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Dear Ted:
Do Robert Pattinson's parents, sisters and British friends (like Tom Sturridge) really adore Kristen Stewart? Is adore the right word in this situation? Some magazine talked about how R.Pattz's mother didn't like Kristen.

Dear Can't Win Them All:
Look, doll, the only thing that matters is the fact that Rob likes Kristen, right? I know in a perfect world family and friends would adore her, but lets face it, this isn't a perfect world. You know that you can't believe everything that you read, so you don't have to take all this goss to heart. I don't know if adore is the right word, but I can't imagine it would be anything too much to the contrary.

Dear Ted:
So I was reading the Nylon interview with Dianna Agron and she was very vague on the question posed of whether she was single or not. Of course she answered coyly, "I may be or I may not be." So which is it? If there is someone, is it Sebastian, Taylor, Lea (you know all the rumored people) or someone new in her life?
From Curious Quinn Fan

Dear Gullible:
Dianna answered this question the way that 85 percent of the rest of the celebs do in Hollywood. Good for her! So I wouldn't let that worry you too much. She may be dating, but if she is, nothing serious has come up yet. If I were her, I would totally stay away from the cast of Glee, that's just way too predictable for this edgy diva. Go out and get some new (man) meat, girl.

Dear Ted:
Are Zac Efron and Rumer Willis a couple? I know they've been friends for a long time and I just don't see them as a couple.

Dear Don't Think So:
Zac and Rumor are definitely friends; they hang all the time. Now whether they are friends with benefits, only they know that (I wouldn't lose sleep worrying about it, though, if I were you). It looks like they keep it all BFF when they're spotted around town. And they have been friends for quite some time now.

Dear Ted:
Are you going to see the new version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I saw the original and I liked it and the actors, so I guess I'm just biased, but I keep seeing pictures from the upcoming version and I don't like the looks of the actors. Did you see the original?
Miss P

Dear If It Ain't Broke:
Obviously I have seen the original and I read the book. Loved both. Look, I get your hesitations; remakes usually stink. But how can you even pretend not to like the cast? Rooney Mara looks amazing, so does Daniel Craig. So I can't say I know what you are talking about here. Go see the movie. I'm really excited for it.  

Dear Ted:
How bad are things behind the scenes at Gossip Girl? Blake Lively is practically an extra, the EP won't even say the name Ed Westwick and you have the producers and staff online really pushing Penn. Is Penn's team trying to oust Ed and Blake, or is this just a situation where Ed and Blake are just not liked?

Dear Oh Come On:
It's just a long-running show desperately trying to hang on and stay vibrant even though most of its cast is off making glossy movies, nothing more.

Dear Ted:
I had a dream that Jennifer Aniston announced she was pregnant, and then all the media outlets simultaneously exploded. I tried coming on the Awful Truth to see your daily postings, but the E! server was down because of it. I thought my life was officially over. It was an awful thing. Just thought I'd let you know.

Dear Dreams Become Reality:
While I'm not sure Jen has the news edge to literally shut down servers with overload simply by giving one birth announcement, that said, one day that very well may happen. Jen acts so nonchalant about her trying to have a baby, and believe me, her attitude it totally right. But I think she may be concentrating on this secret wedding we've been hearing about. She better hurry up, though, if she's gonna be a mama!

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