Anna Kendrick

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Dear Ted:
I think I may have actually figured out one of your Blind Vices! Chuck Finger-Dingle is Anna Kendrick, right? It's the only one I can think of that fits all the clues and hasn't been directly or indirectly notted. Tell me I actually did the impossible and figured one out!

Dear Close But No Cigar:
Sorry, Meg, that's a great guess but Anna isn't our dear Charlotte. Though they actually have a lot more in common than you'd think, at least when it comes to their careers—Chuck likes to dabble in big-budget flicks as well as Indies too.

Dear Ted:
How, if at all, has marriage changed Jared Padalecki's and Jensen Ackles' Vicing ways? And if they're still at it, has anything changed?

Dear Till Vice Do Us Part:
They Vicing has definitely slowed down since the two said "I do" (to other chicks, of course) and now with Jared's baby on the way, who knows if he'll have time to live up to his Vicey moniker at all. Here's hoping.

Dear Ted:
My question concerns Seymour Plow-Me-More and Fey Oiled-Tush and others who have relied on beards for years. If they were to come out now, what impact do you predict it would have on their careers? For that matter, do they remain bearded because of their careers, or because they are getting pressure from others whose own "reputation" could be damaged by a reveal?
—Just Wondering

Dear Little of This, Little of That:
Their careers would take a big hit. No matter how established Seymour and Fey are (and they've got some serious A-List cred in my book), things would definitely change for them. Which they so do not want and which is the reason they're staying in the closet. It has less to do with the chicks they've wound in to their web of lies.

Dear Ted:
Any update on Pussy Gabor? And to clarify, did Pussy have any biological kids? Love ya! 

Dear Cat Got Your Tongue:
Nope, Puss doesn't have any kids with wifey Shar-Shar. Thankfully, ‘cause the threesome wedded woes were just the beginning of the beef that's popping up between these two.

Dear Ted:
How about some of the more "vintage" BVs: What is Butter Pussy up to these days? Can you tell me anything about her beard (assuming she has one)? What has Super-Duper Cooper been up to lately? Things have been so quiet with him! Thanks!

Dear Buttered Up Poop Scoop:
Things have quiet for the both of them, actually, which is more surprising for Coop than it is for Butter (who's always preferred to keep her biz out of the tabloids). But if I know SDC (and I tend to think I do), he's still up to his nasty Vice ways...He's just gotten better at covering his smelly tracks.

Dear Ted:
My fave show is The Big Bang Theory, love the cast! Do they all get along well and any Vices onboard with that crew?

Dear Bang Bang:
Sure, they all get along and sure there's one Vice in the cast. Probably exactly who you're thinking of, too.

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