Like mother, like daughter?

When it comes to troublemaking, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is clearly the star of her charming family. But based on what we've seen of mom Barbara's rage-fueled rebukes,  her hotheaded daughter might not have grown up in the most nurturing environment.

In this heartwarming sneak peek of Tuesday's Teen Mom 2 return, Barbara kicks the reality trainwreck out of her house, shrieking profanities and tossing her laundry on the lawn.

So what sparked her outrage this time?

Surprise! It's Jenelle's bad-boy beau Kieffer Delp, whom Barbara caught sneaking around with her freeloading offspring. Viewers of last season will remember that Barbara invited Jenelle to return home on one condition: that she stop seeing the jobless jail magnet.

"I hope you have fun living in the f--king street with your scummy-ass boyfriend," Barbara shrieks while Jenelle's son Jace cries in his mother's arms.

"Leave me the f--k alone," screams Jenelle as the violent femme body-slams her now-cowering mother—who, incidentally, has legal custody of Jace.

As Jenelle sits on the curb waiting for her unemployed homeless BF to pick her up—in her car, where he quite possibly is living—she shouts this parting shot:

"That's why you never got anywhere in life!"

Because the star-crossed reality lovers are clearly going places. Whether it's her roomy sedan, someone else's abode or behind bars remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

Teen Mom 2 returns tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on MTV. Will you be watching?

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