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Enter Khloé Kardashian Odom, relationship guru.

We're thinking the reality star should really consider opening up a couples counseling office, because she showed impressive skills on tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, helping both of her sisters with their relationship woes with their respective beaus, Scott Disick and Kris Humphries.

While the episode featured a whole lot of making up, you know this didn't go off without some drama...

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Despite the recent trouble in her relationship with Scott, Kourtney heads to his parents' house in the Hamptons with Mason, determined to go whether Scott shows up or not. Khloé decides to come along, but before they leave she decides to sit her two sisters down and force them to confront the issues in their respective relationships. After hearing that Kim and Kris have barely lived together, she convinces Kim to go to Minnesota to visit him instead of going to the Hamptons. As for Kourtney, Khloé tells her to let Scott go if she doesn't have feelings for him anymore. 

But the warm and fuzzy sister moments ended there for Kim and Khloé. Why? Because Khloé had the audacity to wake Kim up when she knew Kim was really, really tired! Kim then takes it to another level when she sends Khloé an e-mail calling her "an ugly little troll." Khloé fared better with Kourtney and was even willing to have The Talk with Scott for her big sister. Scott and Kourtney (and Khloé) decide they want to make this relationship work. Seriously, Khloé is the relationship whisperer. 

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After playing husband and wife for most of the weekend, Kim finally decides to talk to Kris about their living situation. When he says he doesn't want to move back to New York and walks away from her, Kim accuses him of only caring about basketball. "You don't want me to resent you, do you?" Kris says before Kim declares she's packing her bag and leaving.

"It's tough to see my wife crying," Kris says when he goes upstairs to see Kim doing just that while packing. They then decide to try and make New York work when Kim says, "I need a husband." When they show up in New York, they reveal that they are going to try and live with Kourtney and Scott again rather than get their own suite. "The Hump is back," Kourtney says.

When Kris walks out of the room, Khloé asks Kim if she's even going to acknowledge her; things are extremely tense between the sisters since Kim sent the "troll" email. "I'm so annoyed with Khloé that I'd rather ignore her altogether until she calms down." Khloé leaves, and things are left unresolved between the sisters. 

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