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Talk about a shocker!

In tonight's episode of The Amazing Race, the field was whittled down to the final three teams that will compete for the million-dollar prize in next week's finale. Obviously, that's not the shocking part. (We all know how reality shows work.)

So what happened—and which teams are left in the running? Read on if you want to know...

Luck was not on Andy and Tommy's side in Panama as the pro snowboarders who've dominated the competition this entire season were sent packing. After spending most of the episode's race in the lead, Andy and Tommy's downfall came at the hands of some chatty cab drivers. The cabbies in Panama City were all friendly with each other, so they shared the answer to a clue amongst themselves, helping the teams they were driving jump ahead. 

"You guys were unbelievable on this race," host Phil Keoghan said to the guys when they crossed the finish line last. "Thought you'd be in the final three for sure."

The three teams left in the competition are all couples in different stages on the relationship scale: Jeremy and Sandy, who are dating, Ernie and Cindy, who are engaged, and Marcus and Amani, who are married. 

Which team do you think will win the million dollar grand prize? Vote in our poll and then head to the comments to battle it out with your fellow TV lovers!

The Amazing Race Finale Poll
Which Team Do You Think Will Win?
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