Britney Spears

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Britney Spears is finally not a girl, but a woman! 

The queen of pop turned the big 3-0 Friday and celebs ranging from Victoria Justice to Ryan Seacrest tweeted birthday wishes and sent videos to the star. Brit-Brit graciously thanked them in return, reminiscing about birthdays past and even remembering a song she forgot she recorded!

Kim Kardashian saluted the singer, tweeting: "Welcome to the 30's club Britney Spears Love you!" Britney matched Kim's happy vibe, replying, "Thank you so much Kim for your kind words and wishes! Luv u too! Xxoo."

And then Britney took Twitter trips down memory lane with Ryan Seacrest, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice, and Lance Bass

Ryan tweeted the star, complete with a pic from seven years ago, welcoming her to 30 by flashing back in his own style: "Happy birthday Britney Spears...7 years and so many frosted tips later, we're both finally 30!" Britney, matching the Ry-Master's tone perfectly, thanked Seacrest while offering him: "Next step for you are extensions!"

Victoria Justice gave Brit a shout out, tweeting one of her fave songs: "I would like 2 wish the amazing Britney Spears a magical birthday. BTW, "Santa Can U Hear Me" has always been 1 of my fave Chrstmas songs." The queen of pop has been in the biz so long she admitted she forgot she recorded the Christmas tune: "Thanks Victoria. Stirring up some old memories. Forgot that I did that!"

Brit also took a trip down memory lane with Lance Bass, who joked the blonde was now a geriatric by wishing her "Happy 30th grandma!!!" Brit reminded Lance just how long they've known one another, responding: "You knew me when I was celebrating my 18th! Wow. Feels like yesterday."

The birthday princess is currently continuing her tour of Latin America and will play a free show in Mexico City Sunday. Now that's a whole different kind of birthday gift! Love that Britney.

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