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Dear Ted:
Everyone is really crazy trying to find who is Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle, and I am a Glee fan, so I wanna ask you if Charlotte is one of the girls? Or could you tell me if Chuck works more on TV or movies?

Dear Finger Pointer:
Movies, primarily. So sensationally sexy as it would be for our already beloved Charlotte to be a Glee gal, she ain't. Think bigger, splashier, potentially hugely profitable. Jeez. After that hint, I feel like I should just tell ya who it is, already!

Dear Ted:
Please tell me The Hunger Games cast has some Vices under their belt. They can't all be innocent. Especially with Josh Hutcherson having dated Vanessa Hudgens. Any secret set relationships? Not to mention Charlotte Finger-Dingle sounds a bit like Jennifer!

Dear Hunger For More:
Uh, I'd say you'd be warm as to your overall cast activities, babe, but, you've got to keep in mind one very important distinction here: This is so not the Twilight crew. These actors were not (for the most part) selected for the additional reason of causing a whole boat-load of off-camera antics, à la the Twi babes. And they know it. They also know that LionsGate wants all the hullabaloo to be about the movies themselves. Personally, I think that's a huge mistake, but that's without having seen the movies first. Can't wait for March 23rd!

Dear Ted:
The other day you answered a question about Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray being close as friends and it got me wondering. We all know that Jared has a Blind Vice but does Chad have one as well? I for one hope it's a good one if he does. I like my guys Vicey.

Dear Are You Nuts?:
Chad's a walking encyclopedia of Vicey behavior. And yes, he's a member of the Vice club. But, from a while back—when far fewer people knew who the hell he was causing all kinds of drama.

Dear Ted:
Thank you for all the years of entertaining goss! The mucky muck's at E! really need to give you your own show. Anyway, I have two questions regarding Nevis Divine. Has he ever made a movie where his character had homo erotic feelings towards another man? Also, do his parents know that he is bi-sexual?

Dear Good Taste:
In order you mentioned: I agree!; yes and of course (and they're totally chill with it).

Dear Ted:
I thought monogamy was the timeless way to say "I love you." Would Nevis Divine and his girlfriend say I'm too traditional, or are they not concerned with love?

Dear Old-Fashioned:
Yes, they would definitely say you're too traditional. But, can I add something? I agree with you, big-time. Otherwise, it just asks for butt-loads of trouble later on. Sorry, but it does.

Dear Ted:
Charlotte Finger-Dingle has us all confused, and I guess that's what makes a good Blind! So maybe you can tell us a little bit more? Like, has she worked with any Blind Vicer, particularly with any of the ones she's had a fling with?

Dear Great Question:
Well, she's got a major project going right now with a lesser known Blind boy who likes to have it both ways in bed, that do anything for you?

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