Tonight's midseason finale of Nikita will definitely not disappoint, but we know that fans will be going through withdrawals until the winter premiere on Jan. 6.

So to help curb your Nikita cravings over the break, we sat down with leading lady Maggie Q and got all the scoop on her Mikita feelings, and what to expect from the rest of season two. Plus, she tells us about a highly embarrassing photo she snapped on set involving two of her male costars...

It's obvious that Nikita lovers are less than thrilled that Michael's son, whom he never even knew existed, has come between "Mikita," but Maggie admits to us: "I love this problem! You can't root for people who are always winning. You've got to create a problem in the relationship that allows people to have that want, that need for them to be together again," she explains. "It couldn't have been something cheesy like, 'oh, there's another woman,' because it's got to be adult."

And Nikita is acting extremely adult in this relationship. Maggie explained to us Nikita's mindset when telling Michael (Shane West) he should stay in London with his son. "I have to let you go and if you come back, you come back. But to say you can't go and explore that would be selfish," she says.

Well you wanna know what we think is selfish? Maggie Q has a picture that we're dying to see featuring fellow castmates Shane West and Dillon Casey in a rather interesting position, and she's not sure if she's gonna share it!

Let's give you the backstory first: When we talked with Dillon Casey a few weeks ago, he revealed to us that he is going to be "shirtless" for the majority of the winter premiere episode. But Maggie was quick to clarify this: "Not only does he not have a shirt, he has no clothes on!" We're listening…

Maggie explains, "He was in a wetsuit and he comes up on the beach because he's sneaking up on something and he gets caught. And he gets stripped down because he's a dangerous guy, he's a SEAL."

Nikita, Maggie Q, Shane West

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Fast-forward a bit in the episode to Michael strapping Sean (still in his birthday suit) to a chair and we have the setting for a perfect blackmail Twitpic.

"Shane's looking at the camera and he's got like a cool guy smile going on but he's kneeling in front of a naked dude." Maggie tells us with a laugh. "And I was like, ‘um...'"

Um...yes?! "And Dillon—I have to say, I don't know what he did to get ready, but he looks good," Maggie gushes. "I was like, 'you better go kiss the [director of photography] because your body looks amazing right now!'" Looks like that Navy SEAL workout that Dillon told us about was definitely worth it.

Looking further into the season, it's clear that the action on Nikita has no intention of slowing down, Maggie says. "I think at the end of season two you're going to go, ‘What?!' People are going to be in completely different strategic positions than they ever were in season one or the first part of season two.

"It is going to be shocking. Where you are going to see Nikita end up at the end of season two, you would never be able to guess."

We're guessing that fans are definitely going to want to tune in for Nikita's midseason finale airing tonight on the CW at 9 p.m.

Are you excited for tonight's all-new episode? What do you think is going to happen with Mikita? And who else is going to bombard Maggie Q's Twitter demanding to see that photo? Comment away!

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