Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana

Dear Ted:
Are the rumors about Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana hooking up true? Bradley is just moving from one lady to the next, isn't he?

Dear Swing and a Miss:
Brad and Zoe already nixed this duo, claiming they're "just friends." And while I usually take that with a grain of salt, I totally believe it this time. That said, they'd make a pretty good match (for now); Zoe just got out of a LTR and Brad is not very demanding of his GFs.

Dear Ted:
Can you seriously tell me that Miam (Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth) and Dick (Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem) are happy? Like really? Nick always has that stupid smirk and Delta's always starring directly at the paps cameras and smiling. And Liam, well, he seems boring and Miley doesn't even smile anymore

Dear Welcome to 2011:
Q, you're going to have to get over Niley sooner or later (trust me, it's possible—I was a big fan of the twosome, too), but Miley and Liam are hotter and heavier behind the scenes than it might appear. Delta and Nick on the other hand? Not made to last, but he's enjoying it while it does.

Dear Ted:
If Kristen Stewart does Akira will that mean the end of Robsten?

Dear Casting Couch Nonsense:
Why would you think that, K? Because she's reuniting with Garrett Hedlund, who the tabloids have made a habit of linking whenever they're around each other? No. I've told you before that K.Stew and Garrett are just pals. And this is just another acting gig.

Dear Ted:
You said recently that Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyfer are linked up. I know who Channing and Alex's significant others are, but what about Matt Bomer? Can you tell me a something about his significant other? Any gossip? He seems very private to me.
—Texas Girl

Dear Mad for Matt:
He is a private person about things like his relaysh and his kiddos, which I'm assuming you knew he had. He gave the three of ‘em a shoutout on early morning TV a while back and has been spotted around town on daddy duty. But even though Matt's super-shy about his domestic activities, he wasn't always that way—he's gotten more mum the more famous he's gotten.

Dear Ted:
I need some help with some holiday recommendations. My BFF likes tell-all books—ya know like an updated version of the Valley of the Dolls? My aunt likes to read bios about the glamour of old Hollywood. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ever so much.

Dear X-Rated Spirit:
First of all, is your aunt also your BFF? Regardless, Valley of the Dolls, fabulous as it was, was not a tell-all. It was a novel. Somewhat thinly disguised at points, but a brilliant creation from Jacqueline Susann's head, nonetheless. A somewhat historical ('70s) true tell-all I think still is the best one ever written about Hollywood: You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again, by Oscar-winning producer Julia Phillips, who succumbed to cancer years ago. They really should make a movie out of it and have Angelina Jolie play Jolie. She was that badass.

Dear Ted:
Can you go get lost?

Dear Grinch:
As long as it's in Matt Bomer's stocking, deal.

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