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Why did Adele only get six Grammy nominations when rappers get seven or 10 every year? She was robbed!
—Mark, via the inbox

Just because "Rolling in the Deep" was, apparently, the only song released, ever, does not mean that the industry has "robbed" Adele, darling. In fact, I can prove that Adele got about as much Grammy love as she could possibly get...

Yes, Adele got six Grammy nominations thanks to her 21 album. And yes, last year, Eminem alone got something like 10 nominations. But do not blame sexism, or rap-ism, or poor taste. Blame, if anything, the genre of her album.

First of all, you should know that the Grammy people have hacked and slashed the number of awards categories this year. For this coming ceremony, we'll get 78 awards, versus 109. That means fewer chances at awards for everybody, period.

"It's the fewest number of categories in 20 years," Billboard's Phil Gallo tells this B!tch.

Also, Adele's album really fits into only one category: pop. Rappers or R&B people usually straddle several genres and guest on each other's albums every year, broadening their chances for huge Grammy sweeps.

"Justin Timberlake was a good example," Gallo says. "He has a pop album, but he may also have a rock vocal, a dance song. But [Adele] is pretty isolated in where she would be applicable for Grammys.

"It's actually safe to say that she pretty much got as many nominations as she could get."

And really: Wouldn't you get bored watching Adele accept a Grammy over and over, 10 times, in one night? Aren't awards shows boring enough?

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