Mark Salling

Puck isn't singing a happy tune today.

Glee star Mark Salling is smiling through the pain, however, revealing yesterday that he fractured his pelvis and posting a pretty funny picture of himself to illustrate his "oh, bother" state of affairs.

"Its not that bad, i can still walk and even run but sitting and getting up is excruciating. can i get some crylenol? or maybe some sadvil?" the 29-year-old actor quipped on Twitter.

Aw. But wait, how exactly did Salling's pelvis get smashed up?

"One of the pitfalls of being a basketball weekend warrior," he tweeted. "And guess what i can do about it? NOTHING!"

That's probably true.

But, at least if he can't play ball for awhile, he'll be watching it in a few weeks time.

"Golly sometimes I just sit back and mull over that mavericks victory and go to neverland in my head. basketball Ive missed u like hamburgers," Salling tweeted upon learning that the NBA lockout was over and games would resume on Christmas.

We wish the basketball and burger lover a speedy recovery!

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