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The results are in! You guys are certainly pissed at certain shows on your DVR, and you'll be mashing that delete button to banish them off of it.

So which show got the most votes in our DVR DOA poll?

We thought Glee would top the list (seems like most fans have a problem with every episode), but in a surprising turn, Two and a Half Men is the show that is dangerously close from being kicked off your DVR for good.

Glee did come in second place, followed by CW's 90210 and NBC's Whitney. And since you guys are all intelligent and sane TV viewers, you gave us valid reasons for all your DVR woes, which we've collected for everyone to peruse.

Check out our DVR DOA Results Gallery to see the top 10 shows that are frustrating TV watchers the most, and vote on whether you agree or disagree with the choices.

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