And then there were four.

Seriously, where did the time go?! Tonight's episode of Top Model only reminded us how gruesome and close we're getting to crowning the All-Stars winner (which will be next week!), and the ladies were given more out-of-the box challenges.

Each model had to put on her blogging cap and then turn into a fierce actress for a Modelland motion editorial.

Models Turn Writers: Surprise, surprise. It turned out that these pretty faces need to do more than just put on a smile for tonight's challenge. Each contestant was sent out to take pictures and get inspired for a fashion blog post that they had to write—and get this—for Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani. No pressure. After anxiously typing away at their laptops, Nigel Barker called time and each post was reviewed by Sozzani. So who did she pick?

The only girl who hasn't won a single challenge yet, Angelea, who won a trip back to Greece. Pretty sweet.

Aaand...Action! The girls put on their acting skills yet again as they shot a motion editorial in correspondence to Tyra Banks' book Modelland. They had two whole days of shooting different chapters of the book, which included an uphill race and getting assigned specific roles they had to portray on camera (for example: a deranged mother, a boy looking for a button and being obsessed with whipped cream).

Male model Tyson Beckford joined the crew for day two of shooting, and as you might have already guessed, every girl got super giddy. Can you blame them?

Cut! During judging, we were able to watch Part 1 of the motion editorial, which was a lot cooler than we anticipated. Although the part when Tyra sucks on Tyson's thumb was a little awkward, overall, it was very artistic.

After an hour and a half of deliberations, arguing between judges, and producer Kevin Mok telling the panel to hurry up, they finally came to a decision. It was obviously a tough decision, but it was time for Laura to go home.

Get ready to see Lisa, Angelea and Allison in the finals!

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