Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan

Jon Furniss/, Splash News

Holy twin nip slips!

So True So False, STSF

We've seen stars help each other out before: Mel Gibson offering an ear to Britney Spears when she was having a bad time of it. Mel Gibson getting Courtney Love on the road to recovery. Robert Downey Jr. lending his support to Mel Gibson when Gibson torpedoed his own career. Etc.

Now there's a report that Love is paying it forward by becoming...Lindsay Lohan's sober coach!

Well, hang onto your angst, folks, because this story is...

So false!

"Courtney Love is not, nor has she ever been, Lindsay's sober coach. Lindsay is, however, grateful for her friendship," Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, exclusively tells E! News.

And it's great to have friends, but...Is anyone else relieved to learn this isn't true? Lohan has enough to deal with without having to worry about whether her sober coach is going to show up wearing a top or not.

Don't blame yourself if you were confused, though. Per Radar, Love says in the new issue of Details, "I've taken up Lindsay because nobody else will."

The 25-year-old is "further down the line than I was," the Hole frontwoman says, referring to the extent of Lohan's issues. "I went up to Lindsay's [hotel] room one time and there was a show on called 101 Celebrity Oops and I am, like, every other one, you know—boobs out, legs everywhere, throwing s--t at Madonna—you know, whatever.

"I'm like, 'Lindsay, look! Drugs are bad.'"

In the meantime, Lohan remains on probation for repeatedly violating probation and most recently was seen feeding the hungry the day before Thanksgiving in downtown Los Angeles. But we'll be seeing plenty of her soon enough when the January/February issue of Playboy hits the stands.

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