Rachel Zoe, Skyler

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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is famous for dressing top celebrities and for wearing "heels, every day" when she was pregnant.

And now she's ready to share her secrets on how to be a stylish mommy-to-be.

So, take note all you baby-bumping beauties like Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson and Kourtney Kardashian...

Rachel says it's important to have your go-to comfortable basics. Pick something that "looks good [and is] comfortable and then just throw a great jacket over it."

As for basics, Rachel recommends "skinny jeans that are stretchy or leggings and some flat boots… and an oversize sweater." 

When the baby does arrive, Rachel recommends dealing with spills with "Baby wipes! Lots of baby wipes!"

She explains, "I pretty much wear black every day for that reason."

Since having baby Skyler, Zoe is still wearing heels, but sometime goes barefoot to keep up with her baby boy.

Zoe says she now wears "very stable shoes" when she is with him and acknowledges that she may have to trade-in her high heels for "a very low wedge shoes that is very comfortable" one-day in order to keep up with her growing baby.

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