Married With Children, Buck


Could a Married star be ready to renew his vows?

The once-beloved Bundy family has scattered across the primetime TV galaxy since the show went off the air, and we've been wishing that some cosmic force could  bring them back together.

So....we were recently on the set of ABC's Modern Family and asked the former couch potato himself Ed O'Neil if a Married...with Children reunion is in the future. And you know what he said?

"I was up for it! I said, 'Yeah, I'd do it,'" O'Neil tells us with a smile. "It might be fun, but then everybody would have to be on board."

That might be a bit difficult considering the majority of this classic cast have moved onto other shows.

Christina Applegate has said goodbye to Kelly's crop tops and mini skirts and hello to sweatpants and stained shirts on NBC's new hit comedy Up All Night. And the once big-haired shopaholic Peggy (Katey Sagal) has been lending her voice as Leela on Fox's cartoon comedy Futurama for years. Oh, and lending her awesome-ness to Gemma, her Golden-Globe winning role on Sons of Anarchy.

There is only one person who seems to have a problem with a Bundy family reunion: Sofia Vergara, O'Neil's current TV wife. She had a moment of panic while we were blissfully imagining Al selling shoes again. "But then who is going to be Jay?!" she shouted.

Not to worry, Sophia! O'Neil has is pretty sure that he wont be leaving his Emmy award-winning show any time soon. "They keep talking about [a reunion], but I don't know. I don't think so," he regrettably admits. 

Bummer. We'll just have to keep on dreaming of a day that will (cue the applause) bring Kelly, Peggy, Bud and Al back together again on the living room couch.

Would you like to see a Married…with Children reunion? Or should everyone stick to their current projects and let the past be the past?

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