Snow White

Relativity Media

Dear Ted:
Since Snow White and the Huntsman is obviously going to do much better than Mirror, Mirror, I was wondering how a star such as Julia Roberts handles that. Isn't it a little embarrassing to be starring in the loser version of the two movies? And how will she get behind promoting that version? Julia really seems to need a hit lately and I'm sure she thought this might be it.
—Delaware Girl

Dear Fairest of Them All:
Julie isn't exactly in the movie biz for hits these days (tho I'm sure she wouldn't mind if one of her flicks was). As for promoting, I can predict it now: Get ready to hear tons of tales of her cutie twins and how much Jules thinks they'll love the fairytale flick. The mama schtick sells these days, D.G., don't forget that.

Dear Ted:
I just saw the preview for Lucky One starring Zac Efron. I'm about to stand in line now, he looks sooo hot. In your opinion, could this be his breakthrough movie?
—Waiting with baited breath Mr. Puss and TD

Dear Too Weepy to Win:
Zacky did grow up nicely, didn't he? And even though he's looking way hot in this flick too, it looks just a little bit better than that Charlie St. Cloud crapola. He needs to get out of the melodrama, pass-me-a-tissue genre and try something more controversial.

Dear Ted:
If you could play matchmaker for any of the Magic Mike dreamboats, who would you choose and why?

Dear #PimpProblems:
Haven't all the lusty readers already done that? Setting up Joe Manganiello with Olivia Munn, which seems parfait to me, but aside from old Joe, most of the hot cast members (like Tatum, Bomer, even Pettyfer) are linked up.

Dear Ted:
So Beyoncé says she's eight months pregnant? How is that possible when she just announced her pregnancy not too long ago?

Dear Princess B:
I'm no gyno, but it seems a wee bit suspect to me too. But as for the announcement of it all, Bey definitely has the resources to keep a bun in the oven secret for as long as she wants to.

Dear Ted:
Tonight I went to Sunset Tower and saw Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I have to say they were the real deal and made out six times and maybe a hickey! No question to ask but the night made me think of you. They are the real deal! Very young and cute but real.

Dear Thanks for the Backup:
It's hardly shocking tho. Everyone can tell they're way into each other, even if they won't come right out and confirm they're BF and GF. Subtlety doesn't seem to be their strong point, but at least they have adorableness to fall back on.

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