Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

Frank Micelotta/FOX

Dear Ted:
What's your take on the Twitter picture of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith supposedly within kissing distance that is making Gleeks go crazy? Is something is going on with them? Maybe a secret Vice relationship?!

Dear Life Imitates Art:
While the (now deleted) TwitPic does look très incriminating 'm still not buying these two as a couple. Mostly because any chemistry they have between ‘em is strictly left on the small screen. As for Vices, Lea got outted a while back, and since then both of their names are in the B.V. clear.

Dear Ted:
So after watching all those gorgeous models prance around on the runway of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I have to wonder: Do any of the current or past Angels have a real secret, more specifically a Blind Vice?

Dear Burger Babes:
Juicy goss? Ya know, besides maybe needing to gain a few pounds. Sure, there were plenty of beautiful people with naughty little secrets at the show last night, but most of them were wing-free. As for Angels in the past? Puh-lease, look at the alumnae and tell me you don't think at least one of them has earned herself a moniker.

Dear Ted:
Is Riley Keough Charlotte Finger-Dingle? She fits some of it but not exactly all of it.

Dear Making Magic:
Interesting guess, doll, but Riley hasn't earned herself a moniker just yet. Plus, the romancin' with Magic Mike costar Alex Pettyfer is the real deal—can you blame her, my hormones would be raging too on that set! Chuck is more famous than Riles too.

Dear Ted:
With Nevis Divine and his girlfriend being such an über-famous and highly scrutinized couple, and with the tabloids sniffing around Nevis' suspiciously tight friendship with Barrington, how is it that none of the tabloids have caught scent of the girlfriend's side action?

Dear When You Assume:
Who said the tabloids though Nev and Barrington were anything more than just friends? Surely not me, ‘cause the goss rags haven't picked up on that relaysh yet. As for Nevis' girlie, her side dishes are très secretive too. And usually on closed sets.

Dear Ted:
I just saw a picture of Blake Lively's sister and I have to say they look nothing alike! Now it wouldn't be the first time siblings don't look alike, but I gotta know: Is her Vice somewhat related to their dissimilar looks?

Dear Swapped at Birth:
Not exactly sure what you're alluding to, Chuck. If you think Blake's Vice has something to do with her being adopted, then you're way off base. B.L.'s secrets are far sexier than that—but if you think it has something to do with her bangin' bod, then you're a little warmer.

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