Amy Winehouse, LIONESS HIDDEN TREASURES, Album Cover

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We knew it was coming. And while Amy Winehouse's final, posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, isn't out quite yet, the hype is already building, as this morning her new album cover was finally released.

And it's pretty much notable for its non-notability.

The cover shows Winehouse exactly as her fans remember her—with her trademark teased beehive, '60s exaggerated winged black eyeliner and her tattoos (and eyes-downcast vulnerability) on full show.

In all, the image is subtle and, most importantly, tasteful, though that's to be expected seeing as how the album is being released with the Winehouse family's blessing. But it's not the only Winehouse album cover that's making waves.

Amy Winehouse, Back To Black, Album Cover


Just yesterday, the printed chiffon Disaya-designed dress the late 27-year-old wore for her breakthrough chart-topping Back to Black album cover was auctioned off, with proceeds from the sale—much like those for the new album—benefiting the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Hammered out by Kerry Taylor Auctions, the sartorial piece of musical history sold for roughly $68,000. So who ponied up for the prized garment?

Not some superfan—rather, the dress will be preserved for posterity by its pedigreed new owners, the Museo de la Moda in Santiago, Chile.

Lioness: Hidden Treasures is set for release on Dec. 6.

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