Adam Schulman, Anne Hathaway

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
What can you spill on Anne Hathaway? I'm happy for her now that she's engaged, but I gotta wonder if she has any Vices.

Dear Vicey Bride?
Anne may have hosted the Oscars with one of our Blind Vice Superstars, but the gal's Vicey ways have hardly been a secret. Remember when her ex-BF went to prison? Safe to say gal could use a relaysh with a little less Vice. Here's hoping, though!

Dear Ted:
Since Chuck Finger-Dingle isn't Amber Heard, could it possibly be her doppelgänger Scarlett Johansson? I just can't believe that lovable little Penn-doinking trollop hasn't earned a Vice yet. Or has she?

Dear Sexy Vice, Sexier Star:
Sorry, M, but Chuck Finger-Dingle isn't ScarJo, but that doesn't mean the gal doesn't have a Vice. But I like you're thinking...wouldn't it be delish if it was Scarlett?

Dear Ted:
Would Sarah Michelle Gellar's Vice put her marriage in danger, or is it what keeps her and Freddie Prince Jr. together?

Dear Buffy the Vampire Vice:
The latter. 

Dear Ted:
Does Emma Stone have a Blind Vice?

Dear Stone Cold:
Surprisingly, gal's still Vice-free, but since her star status has been on the rise we doubt the Vice-less behavior will last. 

Dear Ted:
In your expert opinion, would you consider Nevis Diving and his GF committed even though they have others on the side? And are Nevis' GF's side dishes of the female variety or both?

Dear A Match Made in Vice Heaven:
Trust, doll, these two are definitely committed to each other—they're just not the traditional type. And as far his GF? She'll take a side of both sexes. 

Dear Ted:
Are Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray friends? I remember they used to be such a good friends and recently I saw Jared posting a picture of him and Chad in Twitter and does Chad know about Jared's Vice?

Dear Vicey Bromance:
Yes, the two are still friends and we're guessing Chad is well aware of Jared's Vice. Really, how could he not know with the time these two spend together?

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