Jenelle Evans


Did the Teen Mom 2 drama really just get taken down a notch?

Apparently so, as Jenelle Evans will not be forced to watch the season two premiere of the MTV hit at a women's correctional facility.

"And the judge congratulated me to being clean since August ;) and got drug tested at court and I passed of course," Evans tweeted after a court hearing Tuesday that decidedly went her way. "Probation got continued!!"

Now, which malfeasance was this for again?

Evans, on probation since April for a previous drug-possession case, was arrested in August after failing one of her court-ordered drug tests, which detected marijuana and opiates. Her attorney expressed concern that she would be locked up for a short while for the slip-up.

She was hit with another year of probation in September for her role in a violent all-girl brawl that was caught on tape back in March.

But lucky for Evans, U.S. District Judge Marion R. Warren of Brunswick County, N.C., determined today that, since August, she has been complying with all laws and the terms of her probation. Until April, when her sentence ends, Evans needs to submit to drug testing twice a month.

Evans has also completed required parenting and anger-management classes, her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, tells E! News.

"She has been doing everything that has been asked of her," he says. "She's been doing tremendously well."

And as far as the next five months go, "I have no doubt it will be a successful probation," Sullivan says.

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