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"I'm trapped. I have to choose."

So says Blair (Leighton Meester) to Dan (Penn Badgley) in the promo for Gossip Girl's midseason finale, airing next Monday. Obviously, she is talking about Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Louis (Hugo Becker), the two men currently in her life—but litle does she know that the very man she is venting to is in love with her as well. We've all been there, right? With her wedding just around the corner, the time has come for our Upper East Side princess to make a choice 

Let's recap where Blair stands with each guy, shall we?

While Blair believed her wish for a fairy-tale romance was coming true when she met Prince Louis, lately she's come to realize maybe he's not as perfect as she first thought. In the beginning of the season, Louis proved to viewers he was really in love with Blair: he sided with her over his family (even possibly giving up his title) and was thrilled when he heard he was going to be a father. But it seems Louis' jealousy is getting the best of him, and the prince's dark side has emerged in recent episodes. First, he paid a therapist off in an attempt to derail Chuck's treatment so Blair could see he wasn't good enough for her. Then, it was revealed he was sending anonymous messages to Gossip Girl in order to separate Blair from her friends. 

Enter Chuck, who has now become the man Blair has always wanted...just a little too late. When the season started, it seemed like maybe Blair was finally moving on from her former love while Chuck's life was spiraling out of control after letting Blair go. Luckily (for Chuck and for viewers who have been fans of the characters for a long time), our dark knight finally found redemption: he tried to move on, so he apologized to Blair for the hotel, for sleeping with Jenny, for not telling her he loved her sooner, everything. And with that apology, the cracks in Blair's princess dreams began to show. Needing to prove to herself that Chuck really hadn't changed, Blair tried to seduce him—and it worked, only because Chuck knew what Blair was up to and kissed her to let her go.

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Alas, this did not last long: Blair realized in the next episode that Chuck really has changed, but she's engaged and expecting a child with another man who is turning more and more into her ex every day. After deciding to take some time away from the scheming Louis, Blair once again decided to harass Chuck, but this time to find out the secret to his reformation. When she learned that Chuck returned the engagement ring he intended to propose to her with, Blair's reaction gave her away: she's still in love with Chuck. And judging by the promos for next week, it seems like Chuck might not be done fighting for Blair after all. Could G.G.'s core couple finally find their happy ending together? 

Finally, we have Dan, Serena's (Blake Lively) ex and the former bane of Blair's existence, who has become the dark horse in the race for Blair's affections. While the two have shared several moments through the series, the show never played with the idea of a romance between Dan and Blair until last season, which resulted in a kiss. While Dan saw sparks, the only thing Blair saw was Chuck. This season, Dan was the first person Blair turned to when she found out she was pregnant and he stepped up, telling Blair she'll always have him. Unfortunately for Dan, their friendship hit a road bump when his book was published and threatened Blair and Louis' relationship. However, like Chuck, it seems like Dan will truly make himself a contender next week when he finally decides to tell Blair how he feels about her. Could she possibly have feelings for the pauper as well? 

Now, it's your turn: vote in our Gossip Girl poll and then head to the comments to tell us why you think Blair should be with Chuck, Dan or Louis. 

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