Danny Masterson, Jennifer Lopez

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.com; Donato Sardella/WireImage.com

Danny Masterson is messing with Jenny From the Block?

The former That '70s Show star has actually taken a swipe at Jennifer Lopez's new 24-year-old boyfriend, Casper Smart.

Not to his face mind you, but on—what else?—Twitter.

"Whoa!," Masterson tweeted to his 1.4 million followers over the weekend. "When did JLo start dating vanilla ice?"

The diss (at least we don't think it was meant as a compliment) was accompanied by a shirtless shot of Smart wearing a baseball cap and black sunglasses taken during his and Lopez's Thanksgiving vacation in Hawaii.

When one of Smart's followers asked if he saw Masterson's tweet, he replied he had, tweeting about the pic, "In the sun, but still pale...LOL."

Good to know the guy has a sense of humor, but fingers crossed Lopez tweets about Masterson's new wife, actress Bijou Phillips.

Wouldn't that be meowful!

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