Peta Stamp

While PETA does its regular smackdown on certain celebs that aren't promoting an animal-friendly wardrobe, the animal rights group is also acknowledging some of Hollywood's hottest vegetarians by immortalizing them in a very special way.

And by special way, we mean putting their face on a new postage stamp series.

All right, we may joke, but this is kind of a big deal.

After all, we learned how serious this was when Rev. Al Sharpton was pushing to get some commemorative Michael Jackson stamps made after the King of Pop's death in 2009, which led to the information that there would be a five-year waiting period (sheesh!).

But now, along with The Simpsons, vegetarian stars like Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve-O and Paul McCartney might be gracing the upper corner of your envelopes.

Wondering who else made the cut? Check it out!

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